Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gravy Rainbow forever

So I was standing in the shower... thinking.  I wanted to start a blog for all the interesting things I kept finding on the web and wanted to share.  I already had three blogs, including one weirdness outlet, Morning Cup O' Doom --but these were all original material, and I didn't feel right mixing in 'found' pictures or other people's work.  I needed a blog that was all about 'nutty bits'... tweetable, easily digestible one-shots to make people smile and that wouldn't take me hours to write.  All I needed was a title.

I decided to call the blog The Gravy.  But when I Googled it, this was the name of an Australian television show. I didn't think they would care, but I decided I'd try some add-ons like Panda Gravy and Gravy Rocket.  Unfortunately, many of these turned out to be slang for ejaculate.  Don't name your blog Baby Gravy.  Or Gravy Fart for that matter.   I needed something innocent.  Like a rainbow.  A Gravy Rainbow.  I had it!  Now to Google it and make sure there's no conglomerate called Gravy Rainbow Multinational Copyright Attorneys Inc.

I believe in random.

Well, Gravy Rainbow was taken too.  It's an exciting and moving pop masterpiece by disasterradio.  I'm hoping they won't mind that I'm using the name.  I didn't stoled it.  I came up with it myself.  I'm tired of standing in the shower, and the water's getting really cold.  It's time to dry off my wet, dripping body and make some gravy.

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